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Hello Fall!

I don’t want to be cliché in saying that fall is my favorite season, but fall is absolutely my favorite season. I figured being my favorite season would be a perfect time to share my favorite things lately! Working from home, I need to have something in the background. When I am sitting in silence, I can't get anything done. I listen to music, podcasts, and am open to anything anyone suggests!

Lately, I have been loving Greta Van Fleet. They absolutely rock. I find them so intriguing, as I get kinda the same vibes listening to them, as I do Fleetwood Mac; check out Heat Above, such a great song. During the fall, I always find myself listening to Gregory Alan Isakov as well. He has serious fall vibes. I find myself jamming to Big Black Car on the daily.

Have you heard of Something was Wrong podcast? If you havent you won't be able to stop listening. It is so amazing and engaging. During this podcast, Tiffany Reese talks to real people about their stories. Real stories of gaslighters, cults, pathological liars, and so much more! I think I flew through the 9 seasons available in like a month. I am obsessed.

Talking about obsessed, coffee, coffee, coffee. Fall drinks just make you feel warm from the inside out. This latte can just make your morning. It's like a hug in a cup.

First I make this brown sugar syrup, it's super easy! 1 cup of brown sugar, and 1 cup of water. Heat that up in a pot and melt the sugar in the water. I put the leftover syrup in a little jar and use it throughout the week!! Next I make a shot of espresso, 2 sometimes, 3 when I really need it. Next, the biggest decision is to either steam milk or have it over ice. Sometimes I even add a little cinnamon. I promise this drink will not disappoint!

Remember to take some time for yourself today, make a coffee, listen to music or a podcast, and enjoy this beautiful fall weather! Enjoy your fall everyone!


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