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Creative Days

Finding time for you to be creative can be challenging in the fast paced days we have. Being creative can be everywhere, finding small things in your day to be creative can make your days not only more fun but encouraging to spend more time being creative!

I love making my regular meals more fun by adding new ingredients to something I have all the time, and making the presentation of the plate nice, even if its just for me. I use to just have plain cream cheese on a plain bagel, now I switch it up by adding cucumbers, red pepper flakes, smoked salmon, balsamic glaze. Sometimes I feel like a cinnamon honey butter on a bagel. Its fun to be creative and try new combinations! Being creative doesn't have to mean painting, drawing and all the typical artsy things you think of.

This week I challenge you to do more creative things! Find something you do, eat or see often and change it up! Add balsamic, wear the crazy jewelry you love, even try and use a different colored pen. Please share with me if you add any creative things to your week!


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

-Maya Angelou


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